Corporate social responsibility

In STAMOS SA Corporate Social Responsibility is a key factor in our business activity. Principles such as consistency, ethos, credibility, honesty, social sensitivity, human respect and the environment are essential parameters in our strategy, in making our business decisions and an integral part of our daily operations.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is composed by two main pillars on Society and the Environment.


Our company supports the local and national economy by choosing and cooperating from day one until today with Greek businesses and Greek products.

The whole production of STAMOS S.A takes place exclusively in Greece and specifically in the city of Volos.

Additionally, all the premium raw materials that are chosen for our products are from Greek producers, who are mainly located in the region of Thessaly where our headquarters are located.

We have a deep faith in the region of Magnesia and that is the reason we emphasize and promote its’ traditional products , aiming further promotion and development of the place, for example its famous traditional Pelion pies.

Moreover STAMOS S.A develops and implements various practices and actions, direct or indirect, that extend to both the local society of Magnesia and at the whole Greek society.

Business Charity

Jean-Jacques Rousseau said that caring for people is the element that gives us our human dimension.

In STAMOS S.A Company we truly believe in our fellow and we are loyal in offering in any way.

As a company we are always next to vulnerable social groups, offering our help practically, either through product donations or through actions.

Some of the organizations that STAMOS SA support through its Charitable Activities the last years:

  • Municipal grocery store of Volos OTA
  • ASPRES PETALOUDES” Foundation for Children and Adults with special needs of Magnesia Region.
  • Orphanage of Volos.
  • Volos Nursing Home Foundation
  • Public Kitchen of Volos
  • “Philoptis” Humanitarian Association, Larissa
  • Federation of Greek Bakers.

Furthermore in cooperation with the Municipality of Volos and especially the Social solidarity section of Volos municipality, our company tracks many more vulnerable “human groups” and clubs that need our help.


STAMOS SA respects the environment and try to develop strategies for the continuous reduction of our environmental footprint.

In order to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment, we have developed a series of measures and actions.

  • We use recyclable paper in the packaging of our products and we recycle the 100% of it.
  • We develop recycling policy for materials (paper, inks, batteries, office supplies, etc.)
  • Staff Awareness on environmental issues
  • We manage our waste always through the Electronic Waste Register.
  • We limit our energy consumption by using LED and Air-condition A class lamps
  • Creation of special disposal points for recyclable consumables in our facilities
  • Apply of proper recycling practices to old equipment (computers, cameras, keyboards, calculators, etc.)
  • We invest in electronic systems and encourage all staff and partners to leverage electronic communication to restrict the use of paper
  • We always choose suppliers with environmental sensitivity.